Mark Lucas Writer

I was born in Surrey in 1961 and attended Glyn Grammar School where I enjoyed Art but eventually took Mathematics and Physics A Levels.

After five years working in the Civil Service, I combined my creative and analytical skills with a career in Information Technology: an industry which was just beginning to take off. In two decades my work changed from using green screen monitors to multimedia.

In the new Millennium, I shifted to working as a Support Worker in the Mental Health field which coincided with an interest in writing fiction. I spent some planning out my first novel and began writing. Progress was slow as I was still working full-time and I developed an interest in short story writing.

With my novel only half completed I was encouraged by a short story, September Sea, being accepted by Winchester Writers Festival. It inspired me to write The Eye of the Beholder; a collection of short stories based on famous paintings which I self-published in 2012.

My thoughts returned to my unfinished novel and I determined to complete it … and so, Corinthian Spirit was also self-published in 2017.

I am currently working on my second novel, Valour’s Reward, set in 18th Century Scotland. As a descendant of the Clan Robertson, it is a subject close to my heart!

I now live in glorious Sussex by the Sea and will be looking to attract a publisher for all of my future work. 

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